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Personal training for injury rehabilitation

Private personal training sessions delivered by fitness professionals who understand complex rehabilitation

Injury Rehabilitation Training: London

Our training partner's coaches aren't just personal trainers - each has experience delivering bespoke rehabilitation training for people recovering from an injury or health condition.

This means that you can access world-class gym-based rehabilitation with one-to-one support. No one-size-fits-all programs, fully personalised physical rehabilitation with on-going support and assessment from our team of physiotherapists and osteopaths. 

If you'd like to hear more about how we can use personal training to aid your recovery and improve injury resilience going forward, get in touch with the Movement Clinic team today.



Detailed assessment and constant progress monitoring

When you work with one of the Movement Clinic team, you work with us all. 

Our multi-disciplinary approach makes us unique. Your physiotherapy sessions might be supported by a personal trainer - helping you to take the next step towards a full and lasting recovery. Then again, osteopath treatments might benefit from some PT-guided stretching and mobility work.

Along every step of this journey, the professionals supporting you will compare notes and decide how to best deal with your condition - and that approach is especially true if you require gym-based rehabilitation. Not only will you be supported by a qualified trainer, your training will be overseen by the physiotherapist or osteopath leading on your rehab.

If the next step towards become pain free involves personal training, we have a world-class team here to support and assess all the way.

Private pod-based personal training sessions

If your road to recovery would benefit from the support of a personal trainer, your sessions will take place here in private pod-based boutique workspaces. 

For you, this means absolute privacy and the one-to-one attention of your dedicated trainer. No being overlooked by other gym-users, no queuing for equipment, and no waiting around for support.

Your fully-equipped section of the gym has everything you need for your session, from cardio and strength equipment, through to mats, foam rollers, and a host of other specialist therapy equipment.

You'll also have access to cutting-edge fitness technology too - from elite-level body composition equipment through to optional genetic testing that explores everything from hormone and stress levels to nutrients and environmental factors.



What happens at a Movement Clinic consultation?

When you get in touch to arrange a consultation here at Movement Clinic, we'll start by finding a time that works around your schedule. We work before, during, and after standard work day times - and if that doesn't work for you, we can arrange a weekend appointment.

When you arrive, your consultation will take place in our comfortable treatment room. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your issue with one of our expert therapists and, in turn, they'll ask some questions and discuss their thoughts about the kind of treatment and rehabilitation techniques they think will be most effective.

Ordinarily, we'll be able to start your treatment in the same session - so it's a good idea to come in loose comfortable sports clothing. Don't worry if you've come straight from work - you're welcome to use our private changing area.

I saw Regis at Movement Clinic for a bundle of appointments over my knee injury. I have been satisfied with the physiotherapy sessions and the speed of my recovery. The sessions were excellent. Regis is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided me through exercises to improve the stability and strength of my knee, corrected my posture, and gave me a preventative exercise plan to avoid injury reoccurring. I can strongly recommend this clinic.

Katerina Hanackova Avatar Katerina Hanackova
March 24, 2022

I got injured pretty badly in my groin and lower back after a weekend of surfing. Regis was quick in finding the exact issue and helping me to recover with mobility and rehabilitating exercises. I was able to get back to exercise much faster than I expected. I highly recommend Regis!

Miguel Soares de Oliveira Avatar Miguel Soares de Oliveira
March 10, 2022

I had an ankle surgery 2 months ago and since I started my sessions with Regis Da Silva in the Physiotherapy center my recovery progress has been amazing! I’m so thankful, both the service and treat are excellent, highly recommended and also great location!

Riki Garcia Avatar Riki Garcia
March 10, 2022


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