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Relieve Neck Pain at Movement Clinic

We have a team of neck pain specialists to support your recovery

Neck Pain Treatment: London

Around 6 out of 10 people in the UK are believed to experience neck pain each year - and instances of chronic pain in the neck are expected to grow as more people adopt working from home.

Whatever the cause of your neck pain, you do not have to tolerate it. At Movement Clinic, we have a range of neck pain treatment options and approaches that will reduce immediate pain and address the causes of neck pain.

If you'd like to hear more about how our team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths, and personal trainers can help, book a free consultation today.



Physiotherapy for neck pain

Physiotherapy is now considered to be the starting point for virtually all neck and shoulder issues.

After careful consultation and assessment, the Movement Clinic physiotherapy team will begin work on a series of techniques that are designed specifically around the pain and symptoms you are facing.

Our approach is designed to

  • Reduce pain and stiffness - including facial pain

  • Strengthen your neck, shoulders, and the supporting muscles

  • Improve your range of movement

  • Develop an ongoing strategy to improve posture and prevent pain from returning

Sports massage for chronic neck pain

Neck and shoulder pain can severely debilitating - often making simple everyday tasks impossible.

The Movement Clinic sports massage team have specific trigger point techniques that we know can reduce pain almost instantly if shoulder or neck pain is holding you back.

What's more, we'll make sure we walk you through a series of muscle energy techniques - stretches where you contract and relax problem muscles to get relief if neck pain comes on suddenly between your sessions.

Osteopathy for neck pain

Pain and tension through your neck and shoulders can be debilitating - contributing to intense headaches and leaving you unable to perform day-to-day activities.

At our Central London osteopathy clinic, we employ treatment plans that have been proven to offer significant benefits for people experiencing neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and stiffness.

We use a series of techniques that will settle inflammation, restore proper blood flow, and encourage movement through your joints. We always very careful to work within your pain tolerance - monitoring the careful pressure we use with continual questioning and feedback.

When you leave your neck pain session, we're confident you'll feel significantly better - but we'll make sure your progress continues with on-going advice you can put into practice to easily every day.

Personal training for neck problems

Heading for a workout might feel like the last thing on your mind if you've got a stiff neck or neck pain - but in reality, personal training that's focused on neck rehabilitation can make a huge difference going forward.

Our personal training partner works with Movement Clinic clients in dedicate private pod space - helping to address all kinds of musculoskeletal pain under the supervision of a physiotherapist or other neck pain specialists.

As part of an overall injury treatment plan, personal training can help to fix poor posture and prevent neck pain going forward - making for a more comfortable future.



Neck pain treatment suitable for everyone

It doesn't matter whether you spend 8 hours a day looking at a monitor or on a track training for the next Olympic Games - our neck pain treatment London facilities are here for you.

Neck pain can hit anyone at any time - whether that's the kind of sharp pain that comes on suddenly, or niggling pain that's hung around for weeks, months, or even years.

Whatever your level of activity or fitness, you'll receive the same world-class treatment here at Movement Clinic. Every patient we treat has an experience that's tailored to suit their exact needs - from the time of your assessment and treatment sessions right through to the specifics of the plan that will take you towards being pain free.

Neck pain experts in an outstanding setting

Neck pain treatment providers come in all shapes and sizes - from large private hospitals through to home-based practitioners. As such, it can be difficult to know what kind of setting or experience you can expect when you enquire.

At Movement Clinic, we remove that uncertainty. Here, you'll be treated in our dedicated specialist treatment room - a totally private space with adjoining changing facilities.

Your sessions will never be rushed and you can expect the highest levels of care and customer service at all times. Many of our patients come to us as recommendations from current or previous neck pain treatment clients.

An experienced and accredited neck pain team

Our team includes professional neck specialists, including:

  • Osteopaths – registered with both the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association.

  • Physiotherapists – each members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health & Care Professions Council.

To support and complement this team, we also have deep-tissue and sports massage therapists, specialist personal trainers, pilates instructors and strength and conditioning coaches.

Our team’s experience and expertise is unsurpassed and proven at the highest levels.



What will your neck pain consultation involve?

When you get in touch with Movement Clinic about neck pain treatment, we'll start by finding a time that's fits around your schedule. We open before, during, and after traditional office hours - and if that's not convenient, we can arrange a weekend appointment.

When you arrive here, your consultation will take place in our comfortable private treatment room. We'll talk to you about the the neck problems you're having, any pain medicine you're using, and assess your neck mobility. Throughout your consultation, you're welcome to ask any questions you have about anything we do.

We'll usually be able to start your neck pain treatment during this session, so it's a good idea to come in comfortable clothing. Don't worry if you're coming straight from the office or a prior arrangement though - you're welcome to change here.

I saw Regis at Movement Clinic for a bundle of appointments over my knee injury. I have been satisfied with the physiotherapy sessions and the speed of my recovery. The sessions were excellent. Regis is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided me through exercises to improve the stability and strength of my knee, corrected my posture, and gave me a preventative exercise plan to avoid injury reoccurring. I can strongly recommend this clinic.

Katerina Hanackova Avatar Katerina Hanackova
March 24, 2022

I got injured pretty badly in my groin and lower back after a weekend of surfing. Regis was quick in finding the exact issue and helping me to recover with mobility and rehabilitating exercises. I was able to get back to exercise much faster than I expected. I highly recommend Regis!

Miguel Soares de Oliveira Avatar Miguel Soares de Oliveira
March 10, 2022

I had an ankle surgery 2 months ago and since I started my sessions with Regis Da Silva in the Physiotherapy center my recovery progress has been amazing! I’m so thankful, both the service and treat are excellent, highly recommended and also great location!

Riki Garcia Avatar Riki Garcia
March 10, 2022


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