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MEAL PREP SUPPORT at Movement Clinic

Healthy meals that support your recovery - delivered to your home or workplace

HEalthy meal prep and delivery: london

It's one thing knowing what to eat to support your recovery or rehabilitation from injury - but it's quite another to have the time to shop and prepare this specialist meals.

This is where the Movement Clinic team can help. By partnering with London's best meal prep delivery service, we can help you put together a meal plan that will provide all the nutrients you need to feel better and perform better. The best bit is - they're ready to eat, delivered to your home or workplace daily.

This is no one-size-fits-all meal box service. Every meal will be tailored to suit your exact requirements - needs that have been assessed by our specialist team. We'll even make sure you get a generous discount on your first order.



HEalthy meals that support your goals

There are plenty of healthy meal delivery services here in London - but it's tricky to work out if their pre-planned meals suit your recovery and fitness goals exactly.

We work with Fresh Fitness Food to provide a completely bespoke service - meals that are created with your specific requirements in mind. 

That might mean food that's designed to taste great while combating inflammation. Then again, it might be satisfying meals that are designed to support weight-loss to make you stronger and more injury-resistant going forward. Whatever your goals, we'll continually assess your recovery and progress - making sure your eating is always exactly right.

Support for every dietry requirement and taste

As one of the UK's very best meal prep and delivery services, Fresh Fitness Food can accommodate an almost endless range of dietary requirements and tastes.

Maybe you're sensitive to gluten? Are you aiming for an entirely plant-based diet? Maybe you'd just like to be confident knowing that you're eating clean, organic produce that's produced to the highest standards?

Whatever your goals, our partner will prepare meals that suit you perfectly. Then, they'll bring them to your door everyday. The next bit is simple - tasty fresh food that supports your recovery that's ready to eat. No washing up, no tedious prep, and no rushed trips to the supermarket.



What happens at a Movement Clinic nutrition consultation?

When you get in touch to arrange a consultation here at Movement Clinic, we'll start by finding a time that works around your schedule. We work before, during, and after standard work day times - and if that doesn't work for you, we can arrange a weekend appointment.

When you arrive, your consultation will take place in our comfortable treatment room. You'll have the opportunity to discuss your issue with one of our expert therapists and, in turn, they'll ask some questions and discuss their thoughts about the kind of treatment and rehabilitation techniques they think will be most effective.

Ordinarily, we'll be able to start your treatment in the same session - so it's a good idea to come in loose comfortable sports clothing. Don't worry if you've come straight from work - you're welcome to use our private changing area.

I had an ankle surgery 2 months ago and since I started my sessions with Regis Da Silva in the Physiotherapy center my recovery progress has been amazing! I’m so thankful, both the service and treat are excellent, highly recommended and also great location!

Riki Garcia Avatar Riki Garcia
March 10, 2022

I got injured pretty badly in my groin and lower back after a weekend of surfing. Regis was quick in finding the exact issue and helping me to recover with mobility and rehabilitating exercises. I was able to get back to exercise much faster than I expected. I highly recommend Regis!

Miguel Soares de Oliveira Avatar Miguel Soares de Oliveira
March 10, 2022

I saw Regis at Movement Clinic for a bundle of appointments over my knee injury. I have been satisfied with the physiotherapy sessions and the speed of my recovery. The sessions were excellent. Regis is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided me through exercises to improve the stability and strength of my knee, corrected my posture, and gave me a preventative exercise plan to avoid injury reoccurring. I can strongly recommend this clinic.

Katerina Hanackova Avatar Katerina Hanackova
March 24, 2022


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