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Treatment for Foot Pain at Movement Clinic

Dedicated wraparound treatment for patients suffering with foot and ankle pain

Foot Pain Treatment: London

If there's one part of our bodies we often take for granted, it's out feet. For most of us, they're an essential part of everything we do - so it's easy to forget they're extremely complex structures with 26 separate bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments all working together to keep us going about our day.

Unfortunately, complexity in any body part often means there's more to go wrong - and our feet are no exception. From ill-fitting footwear through to a lack of warming up before we exercise, your feet can bare the brunt of many habits - and that's before we consider previous injuries and medical issues.

At our specialist foot clinic, we'll help you understand what's happening in your feet and ankles - then provide professional therapies to help you regain comfort and fitness.



Physiotherapy for foot and heel pain

Physiotherapy is a type of manual therapy designed to restore the full range of movement in your feet, ankles, and the associated problem areas.

Since issues in your feet can often stem from imbalances or injuries elsewhere, a full body approach to physiotherapy is often the starting point for foot and ankle pain treatment.

Our client-focused approach to physiotherapy when dealing with foot problems means we'll always put your unique circumstances at the front of everything we do. Through careful assessment of you injury, medical history, and correct diagnosis of contributing factors, we can use physiotherapy to successfully treat a massive range of foot and ankle pain issues.

Osteopathy for foot and ankle pain

Osteopathy involves careful manipulation and movement of the joints that contribute to foot pain - often working from the lower back right down to the big toe.

With expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal framework and a combination of touch, physical manipulation, stretching, and massage, osteopathy can significantly improve your recovery time and restore the structural balance you need for strong feet and lower legs - to help with avoiding injury into the future.

As well as having experience at the very highest level - working alongside sports medicine doctors, our osteopath is is registered with both the General Osteopathic Council and The British Osteopathic Association.

Sports massage for plantar fasciitis and other foot pain

Often, foot injuries are an indication that you have tight muscles or inflammation elsewhere through your body. In fact, it's not uncommon for foot issues to be an indication that you have tight muscles through your knees or hips.

Dedicated sports and deep tissue massage can help reduce tension - either directly in the foot or in other areas that are contributing to your injury. Specialist techniques are used to manipulate with your muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia to make sure any potential issues are dealt with entirely.

Sports massage increases blood flow to the problem areas and will help to relax overly-tense, sore muscles - sometimes in ways that have not been felt in weeks, months or even years.

Specialist personal training for injury rehabilitation

If you're suffering with foot pain right now, we realise the idea of jumping into a personal training session might not sound very appealing! However, further down the line, private, gym-based rehab may help speed-up your recovery.

Our partner personal training provider has experience supporting rehabilitation of a range of conditions, including:

  • Heel bone injuries

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Achilles tendonitis

  • Achilles tendon rupture

  • Ankle surgery

  • Foot arthritis

  • Flat feet

  • ...and many more

As a specialist centre for personal training and injury rehab, you can be confident you'll be training in private surroundings with world-class rehab-focused trainers.



Outstanding facilities for foot and ankle injury treatment

Search for a London foot pain specialist and you'll get plenty of results - but what's difficult is working out the kind of service you'll receive. Are you going to end up in a private hospital - or a therapist's home-based treatment room?

At Movement Clinic, we take any uncertainty away. Our central London clinic is 2 minutes from Oxford Street - and when you get here, you'll find immaculately presented private treatment space and a professional friendly team.

The professionals in our foot and ankle clinic

If you're looking for specialist treatment for a foot injury, there are very few clinics here in London that have our depth of knowledge, our years of experience, and the same world-class multi-disciplinary team.

Our team includes:

  • Physiotherapists

  • Osteopaths

  • Sports massage and deep tissue massage therapists

  • Running coaches

  • Pilates specialists

  • Strength and conditioning coaches

What's more, every member of our team carries industry accreditation and dedicated insurance - for absolute peace of mind.

Your level of fitness or activity doesn't matter

Whether you spend all day sitting at a desk or are an elite athlete training from morning to night, you'll get the same level of outstanding focus and service from our team.

Foot issues can occur for an almost endless number of reasons. Perhaps you've picked up an injury or tear on the football pitch; maybe you've been involved in a road traffic accident; or, maybe you've just stepped awkwardly getting off public transport.

Our approach to diagnosis and treatment will be the same however your issue has come about and whatever your level of daily activity is.



What will your Foot pain consultation at Movement Clinic involve?

It's doesn't matter whether we're dealing with private patients or referrals from medical insurance companies, our client-focused approach to your first session with us is always the same.

We'll start by finding a time that's right for you. We're open before, during, and after the typical work day - as well as at weekends. We often have same day appointments available if you foot condition just can't wait.

When you arrive with us, your consultation will take place in comfortable treatment room. We'll talk about your foot problem and foot conditions overall - then talk about treatment options and a positive way forward.

We'll usually be able to begin your foot pain treatment plan during your first session - so it's useful if you can come in some comfortable, loose-fitting sports clothing. Don't worry if you have to come straight from work - you're welcome to change in our private changing area.

I saw Regis at Movement Clinic for a bundle of appointments over my knee injury. I have been satisfied with the physiotherapy sessions and the speed of my recovery. The sessions were excellent. Regis is very knowledgeable and professional. He guided me through exercises to improve the stability and strength of my knee, corrected my posture, and gave me a preventative exercise plan to avoid injury reoccurring. I can strongly recommend this clinic.

Katerina Hanackova Avatar Katerina Hanackova
March 24, 2022

I got injured pretty badly in my groin and lower back after a weekend of surfing. Regis was quick in finding the exact issue and helping me to recover with mobility and rehabilitating exercises. I was able to get back to exercise much faster than I expected. I highly recommend Regis!

Miguel Soares de Oliveira Avatar Miguel Soares de Oliveira
March 10, 2022

I had an ankle surgery 2 months ago and since I started my sessions with Regis Da Silva in the Physiotherapy center my recovery progress has been amazing! I’m so thankful, both the service and treat are excellent, highly recommended and also great location!

Riki Garcia Avatar Riki Garcia
March 10, 2022


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